torstai 21. kesäkuuta 2012

Keuruu Pentecostal midsummer conference - Radio Gospel - Bible questions answered

In the studio of Radio Gospel in Keuruu Pentecostal midsummer conference June 21, 2012, Jouko Ruohomäki gives answers to questions sent and inspired by his bible study: "The revival of Holy Spirit:

Bible study today was presenting a useful repetition of the basics of Pentecostalism, because often there’s so much speech and so much irrelevant. How would the doctrines about the Holy Spirit be told to the new beginners of Bible and church?

Question of deity is very essential. Considering should start from the Trinity of God. Once I was asked by e-mail: when someone gets healed from diseases, which person of the Trinity was the healer? I noted, that you start your considering in a wrong way. The starting point must be the Holy Trinity of God. Holy Spirit is a part of deity, then it’s possible to say: God approaches us by Holy Spirit. I wouldn’t remove Holy Spirit of Trinity.

How could I learn more about the Holy Spirit?

In the Bible it’s useful to read especially the end of gospel of John, the gospel of Luke and the book of Acts. Explaining literature is very useful too.

How can I be sure about being fulfilled by Holy Spirit?

Speaking in tongues is an essential sign of spiritual baptism, but in addition it is accompanied by the fruits of Spirit – a human life led and changed by Holy Spirit. If someone has had a spiritual baptism and he has learned to love God and other people, that’s an indication of Holy Spirit. I don’t put emphasis on emotional experiences or feelings, but on a life conformed with the word of Bible. The first letter of John in Bible gives a good model of a life of a human, who has been fulfilled by Holy Spirit.

What is the most essential part of the Pentecostal identity?

It’s the historical connection between the spiritual baptism and speaking in tongues. Here in Finland the history of the revival movement was already in the 1800’s characterized by spiritual gifts. Speaking in tongues and things that Bible tell about that were important also early in the next century. Experience and the word of Bible unified. We should not miss our original theology of Holy Spirit, because that’s the base of the Pentecostal revival movement. Experience and word meet each other – a Pentecostal identity is the result. I’ve been worried about missing our early identity. We’re feeling ourselves too wise. Questions are answered conforming to the later revival movements. Interpretations of the charismatic movement are confusing our classical identity.

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